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We offer custom machining of tungsten to customer specification. Typical parts include: aircraft and auto ballast, golf club weights, crankshaft weights, aircraft bucking bars, X-ray shields, nuclear medical components, ion apertures, glass melting electrodes, vacuum furnace elements, vacuum furnace shields and hardware. Tungsten filament is widely used in bulbs for its high melting point, high temperature resistance and inactive property.





W (pure) >99.95%

■ W: Cu 90:10
■ W: Cu 85:15
■ W: Cu 80:20
■ W: Cu 78:22
■ W: Cu 75:25
■ W: Cu 70:30
■ W: Cu 68:32
■ W: Cu 55:45

■ 90% W, 7% Ni, 3% Fe
■ 92,5% W, 5,25% Ni, 2,25% Fe
■ 95% W, 3,5% Ni, 1,5% Fe
■ 97% W, 2,1% Ni, 0,9% Fe

■ 90% W 6% 4% Cu Ni
■ 95% W, 3,5% Ni, 1,5% Cu

■ Mo-30% W
■ Mo-45% W

■ W-3% Re
■ W-25% Re


Tungsten is suitable for aerospace and high temperature uses which include electrical, heating, and welding applications. Hardness and density properties make this metal ideal for making heavy metal alloys such as copper tungsten that are used in armament, heat sinks, and high density applications.

Tungsten is a metal known for its tensile strength, high density and extreme temperature resistance. It has the highest melting point, 6192° F, of any known metal and is the heaviest element considered usable. Tungsten metal and alloys are very electrically and thermally conductive, making them useful in electrical applications.

BIMO offers tungsten in different forms: tungsten carbide, which is half carbon and twice as hard as any steel; alloyed tungsten, which is mixed with many different metals including copper and iron; pure tungsten, which is extremely electrically conductive and primarily used in electrical applications. The metal is extracted and usually ground into tungsten powder, which is then sintered or molded to make tungsten bar, tungsten plate, tungsten wire, tungsten rod, tungsten foil or tungsten sheet. One of the most common industrial products made from tungsten is tungsten electrodes, which are used in electric arc welding. They transfer high amounts of electric current to two separate sheets of metal. The heat generated from the electricity causes the metal parts to melt together, thus forming a weld.

Our products are widely used in applications such as aviation, aerospace, nuclear high-temperature furnace, glass, ceramic, crystal production, medical, illumination and vacuum sputtering.


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